de willem lloyd & cyem inc. guillaume
installation art
photography artts protocol - magazin 3/2009 noisecian,play,drama,theatre,installation film,music,sound noisecian,visionary film,reading/drama/theatre/music  film,experimental music art surrealism pictures,slide art magazine 2/2008 art magazine 1/2007 lyric – satire – telling – pictures, stochastic literature lyric – satire – telling – pictures, stochastic literature lyric – satire – telling – pictures, stochastic literature
de willem lloyd & cyem inc. guillaume: oscillation baroque ON

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film,music,sound noisecian,visionary
film, music, sound noisecian, visionary
Multimedia-DVD Part III
in Aluminumbox

NORA Verlagsgemeinschaft
Dyck & Westerheide, Berlin 2008
ISBN 978-3-86557-167-0
computer graphics
mixed media