de willem lloyd & cyem inc. guillaume
installation art
International Art Project, Scientific Analysis

we may in time be done in the realism of the focus of our
present world without a transform to prove anything –
and the existential matter = energy of life, however, get respect ?
can we succeed or peace for all countries to manifest itself and
what a role here is information / formula = N·i too ?

how will never make it let someone possibility
as certainty one as the truth

the  functional  value  2 · (  ) + 3 = O  is now  'true' for the argument
x = - 3/2  and otherwise  'false' Function = supplementation  i.e. gaps

argument and function together form a complete whole.

distort reflection lead to undistort diagram
one reform the mysteries

the art is an archimedean point of the reality which one can only hope

voltages of different cultures is not a cause of ware ! > is this worth – caused from the judging ? <
is an idea where it is located outside of reality > now ? <
is the best way to change time – raff to order them away ?
hypothetical cause an approximate transformation processes of the other > is one phenomenology ?
thinking changed the language or the language of the mind ?
fulfillment as a postmodern thinker a survey of all the diaries narrow to meet another time
the frequency of mental orientation dominated the explorations
of the correlation in therms of art and imagination as in the language of binary opposition
and changing visual identity and physical engagement mediates the active role of the viewer

Time and Knowledge - what to know when we know ?

creativity and motivation = intelligence - problem - solving ability therefore intelligence is a
correlation, i.e. interaction between two - or more variable

for each existing solution, there is already another solution !
X'(t)= X (-t)

transactions subject to causal why trouble ?
but where an elastic surface like a rubber covering works !
why has no reflection within an alternative future – memory ?
where it extracts parameters of a human subject to acceptance !
why show isolated particles only by a speculative measure ?
which lays down basic fact of improbability !

The networking of the world as a chance (…)

the invisible presence of the media a hermetic oracular memory images are divided into
different abstract systems of a different subjective reality code and decoded system give
no answer for life, each has its own artistic dimensions of this out to understand everyone is
an artist! > How to deal with it? <
memories and ideas are as blurred images under water, you can try to paint the new wall, but
eventually lost to the memory of the old patterns are censored some of the others and forget
to maintain the powerful capricious not the masses but not the media's own subjective
transmission technology allows us the greatest art
we want to remind them that something someone does (...)

of this kind - is a formative project of global dialogs against the rising intolerance and ignoranz-
occupation of the personality, it will be one platform for peace - freedom - and togetherness at all
common roads of the world in spite of different cultures is to grow the expression of respect for each
other and get remain current shows us the respective values of the different life from other thoughts
and expressions in each

social - and socio-political analysis from the view of art !

what is art ? art is the most radical response to the current problems of the modern reflected this
point of epistemology from a technical aspect - social and emotional complexity, it is analyzed, we
live in a society where the individual is violating new structure will be offered by the cognitive
apparatus CONSTITUTES solution is again new anthropological models to its own contradictions and
the contradictions of our time art should be carefully advanced as to be deafening to the more
advanced censorship to prevent the original is born out of curiosity and obsessive cognition and anti-bourgeois pleasure is all - this will preserve modesty

art overlaid - networked focusiertes divisible only live is not divisible death he heard every life is
itself a creative intensities from free by occupiers structures no longer possible, each man
possesses from birth to a gift for various modes of expression to his sense of life to this term humanistic approach is used to find the peaceful living together in society, he serves as an educational indicator
for personal development and personal maturation of the intrinsic factor of the change in all parts of
life a be together account for social recognition and respect it all possible the consequent progressive development shows only one summand the artists mentioned in these structures acts as a catalyst to
the enormous social society overflowing flood of technical and scientific historical data to be reduced
in the different genres and to be able to structure thus shown itself again and again and renew does
this art - and media-analysis, a tremendously important art tries to interpret various hermeneutic
truths enter face to act from this base of artists by itself, without making the masses> about the work
he alone decides he "does not need to adapt because no other renewal of a civilized society is
possible" !
Art is life - speaking - experience !

one math.modell - cosmology irreversibility, time-like world lines, ratio of fast movements exist at the cosmic substratum.

Ideality  ( =  unreality )  of the time

The cry is the original form of language.

Eros (mythology) - the joyful love of God, son of Aphrodite (Roman Venus) and ares (Roman Mars),
live all the senses: the transgression of prohibitions is eroticism,
 - It is a game with ambiguity
 - The inner - life is put on a new sample.
 - Covetous love is a representation
The difference with the erotic is pornography, where the animal, mainly dominated by the spirit
and the mind - these will be fought with moral combat that - why not with desire ?

Interpreted by philosophical position : censorship and moral code are now only more so fantasy !
Although since 1960 the broad mass of people was already explained, there are still major
differences of view about this :  State - Church - free thinking ? !

What was the original sin ( Latin peccatum originale originatum ) with our desire to do ? !

found the future of art is found in the load-bearing lanterns, it is the beginning of the temporary
illusion and shows itself in different reflex-intensive multiple metaphors of this one-take by different
perspectives have a strong voice for open dialog

The night of the solstice different locations grounded to the human smile is changing as long until he
dies only fragments are visible undeveloped grounds devalues the centimeter, the higher you raise
the identifying consumers of reality, the souvenir of the position archemedische Meanwhile
transparent monuments to show >  the ego is a utopia of self- < ? remember the decision of the
imaginary against wart-denunciation, has long been known to look go in and out flesh and blood are
visible made a genie appears to be lost as many opinions as the feelings of social play intimate shows
with no friends and no moral structure with loneliness of your knowledge is to know a square stickers
showing you the freedom of the achievements so > what we can do today ? > Why we smile < ? >  Do
you need to smile in the reality at all ? What did you base this ? > can the various systems of the art
reality 'reflected by abstract structures ?

action field here freedom cavort all structures of love - hate and resentment > Is the idea of freedom
an illusion < ? What purpose has the freedom when it is opposed by the ideologies of conservative
virtue watchmen ? problems which arise from the forefinger sexist ? In the countries professing
people must be allowed to ask this right ? ! in what world do we live where, through restriction of
personal freedom and free relocation willing to work out the benefit of the powerful dimension one
repression will not decide on the question of freedom ! or do you ? are all of the artists reflect the
current problems of contemporary society - and analyze public enemies ? if so, why ? as shown in an
open international society after the ? ask at the realization of the object must be placed all know and
let the corrupt thoughts with living room combines a brittle, knowledge and people concerned to
give history a face in connection with regulatory structures to bring meanings and premonitions are
inserted into the human body > how does the normal human to information ? > life is true that most
regressive of endurance tests > which is a common sense ? the design of the pitch billboards show a
terrain will be decorated - melted and stuck > what is the difference of moral and barbarism <? the
intimate stranger is watching > all are collectively thief in <? The reality is more opinions than many,
we want to be good but the truth is elsewhere !

theory of dynamical systems of asymptotic properties, such as cellular automata: interchangeability
of events - Interval images > what we do <, one is the structure of the not - interested in migrating
amount that can dynamical systems with chaotic behavior, they do not - wandering set in a finite
number of trans topologically invariant quantities are decomposed, de facto, that are the base
quantities of positive entropy - in applied dynamics of the term chaos, a certain degree of complexity,
multi-dimensional symmetry groups to serve as a time - to develop a system!

they hate us still more at its themselves children love give it its constructive power ? - therefore
speak Zarathustra assembly one decipherment synthesis = open from convention of the strangers
unease,that´s strange being without regulate test - as live it themselves at the something other - and
was is the distinction to you ?

structure relationship to build is this a coefficient for our immense existence - towards that
proportion the real conditions ? < and in all world of the know the urbane noise fill that silence
dran a glass to the dregs we want self – determined our life we will only life living someone back again the bodyguard should outside stop !

ART is the complementary objectivism of reality

ART is the compensation of political utopia

ART defended the spiritual in the space with only the trick of this to be a part of

ART is life - life is art

proton at speed of lights  =  is speed the mother that information -
completion of the individual and the world ? 
we be allowed to something try out where that risk be absolute ? 
> get over that democracy those real time ? <
drain that get someone worried  as it perhaps not give power
the state is a machine the as market pass something signaling whistle drop on     street
> what do the longing with the freedom ? <  
after them period activities in distinct towns distribute from art flying starts  as well as of various
kinds sculpture  maker of art objects in immediate surroudings  at around those regio bring peace to 
the obligatio to order lead  there that one itself make an enemy of someone  round this to disminish
is it important  the appearance and reality at detach overlay thought are amputate  the suggest from
imagination encourage someone to do  such breaking change it is possible  the way of thinking  they
hate us still more at its themselves children love > give it its constructive power ? < in all find a
playing with something someone take place playing where else ? it force us the future in question to
urges  symbolic sorting lead to wounding   the to whom individual not self come up to  these pattern
tie itself on a other symbolic  one automated strength structure  as by excort insignificance  be like
structure resemble one another shape not entropy  this scan process border on the complexity as
apperception mechanism qualitativ out  in interest the power stand the information  redundany  the
topical one structured divisibility contorted comprehensibility  the scan - proceedings as numb
quantum are already  in approaches  disturbed  it giving there to break and the dynamic cut off as
different memory - even to raise higher entropy  have not form

one middle thickness one amorphous message  indistinguishable element not different the
amplitude its distance at correlation its ( autocorrelation same nought )  dimension of the prototype
between transmitter  and recipient as optimum coding one operant coditioning information only
bulky amount into canal us showing it point of view of the come up  the artificial code have one
capacity provided that them once  the value is from invaluable as the time quantum for the
perception turn-up destroy at the search according to secret fundamental rule  chance or in
regulation obey oppose adapt  phänomenal from message  independent outdated the traditional
relationship  short the existence as immediacy  the motification a connection as idea – lecture-lesson
or research – only the convention social  those supply one periodical scrutiny

REMINDER hear the sweet, fluent and know the beauty I can not recall the spirit held bridge a laugh
go look around a found not to whisper, sometimes I'll show you a different direction
enthusiastically describe the myriad modes of knowing and not knowing the different stand in
relationship to everything that we know time is reversed by an off the remembrance of our doubt
shocked at the physical form of communication leads and traffic from the traditions of 'what remains
is the effective inquiry ask about? <

art is the experience at your borders with unknown even a little fragile at times that serve a
particular origin of each of the unsaid communication has the same meaning in relation to the
existing existens now there are misunderstandings in the field of interactive play our imperfection
can form without any expression of another get any marks mark is an art, the hypothesis is the view
of adding together are pleased to make your own for a moment, the message has a character
referencing the dimensions of love are your role, the taboo remains a unique experience of the
blockades surrounding the building exploitation of the various enchants systems we make up the
political contradictions, a functional significance, we have looked at the whole dysfunctional not to
mention regaining distance means a higher worth to testify and answer other increases the self-
presence is against the memorial, and future in a > it's just a question in the ratio < ?

EFFERVESCE SAUCER PING PONG DOMINO STONES> why is this so ? < Global capitalism loses the last
rest of humanitarianism school buses will pay off the planet because the world will end when the
man stops being man mutters nights were nothing a comeback, it's not a magic suitcase are
grotesque figures, all employees will be replaced by computers and robotic machines civilized
impulses are being trampled the sweet pant will liberate us from this slime scholars journalists and
politicians to distribute only placebos> does art react emotionally to something which does not exist
<! The society is a conglomerate of petrol smoke and electrical toys emotionally a forced Virgin to
block the oppressed possen by marginalization - the repartee - racism - militarism - disease controls
our world a slaughterhouse from sicience fiction - pay and combinations> IS NOT NULL <! Sign
Language homelessness – redundancies > I can go home so you do not treat animals < ? laugh at the
world in a collective blame against squashed like a huge quantity of gelatin-ability unpredictable
invisible concomitant idea of subversive cats sway in the nest security control > CODE NO.” unknown
to you can do nothing no way leads back to the end of the world “.

Ideological analyzed original question philosophical horizons > is there a solution by kontemplation ?
< Ask a question after a prerequisite for acceptance other reasons to believe in a task > what is
thought one in captivity ? < It is not the wonder > who this first but we die from the position is
hopeless to get out object is such a code by surprise but the thinking necessary to be intruding
availability conditional absence of absolute is held together by inter basic corrective transactional
analysis bases-psychological experiments general references in the epistemological theory of
experience formative factors in the transactional relationship operations of probabilities, the roots of
perception are must be recorded in this ratio for the configurations of the elements we probabilistic
processes enable the fluctuation of the mind a constant of reality identical distinct subject of a
disappointment level of communication phenomena are code structures and systems of cultural
conventions this is established fact as fiction a Adoption of symptoms of starting point of these
embassies is hypothetical: suppose > replace - or delete the hopelessness of the people to be
eliminated on the dialectical ideas this logic is determined by the significant controlled > the systems
within the detected < number proliferation or extension determines the rules of the game the
individual has the opportunity changing to select elements of the position of the subject determines
the configuration of the object in the isolated space - time includes system that correlate a
stimulated field conditions will be converted by this equivalence chains encounter dialectical
contradictions are starting to restructure

system is the target system is the same your body explores the environment
would like at a beach and kiss you wich experience has shown me the observations the organism
considered the differences know the absolute purs thinking self same specified a strange nature of
self - confidence broken indirectly in the views the abstraction of being an existing design as a movement of the spirit of immediacy know both sides of the meanings of terms it´s me opposite
form middleman is the distinctive character of the make a big it thing out of all become compleded
earlier meanings moral character reflections illuminate the empty peaks that disappeared thing recognized the thought belongs words the same spiritual at look rapped being opposites exclude the
self - adjustment of certain fragments of a selected systematically religious contemplation of the date
of a compound a abstraction of the real sector has conflicting views about the increases the general
public something about adjustable essence a result of his work come from all over the new
regulation new despots humiliate capture an injured operator merely meant singularity in the
unreality of his collection in the same race of the ticket its really a need for education makes the
individual being power we propose a somersault other people with briefcases always go the same
way the goal is the same way each defended his achievement - for the other is not place ? our hands
is easily extend since our protest is childish then where are the problems ?

remarkable try in the mirror of the dream participate in a free world coins unusual wave wheels the
eyes look to the evening meadow nameless coats reach the fragrant gardens of other things and
their hands eternal plans all dimensions an unknown decaying > can one also the thing reform
without of regulate ? <  >  theorem of the cosine < change in self - confidence into the action and as
resolveone dialectics of the conscience develop  avoid estrangement and alienation from self
through reflection on like point something out on other way the phenomenology as perception is the
angle of contingence  between the chiasmus from at look consciousness ( noema ) and at the in front
of use predicatively consciousness ( noesis ) as body and soul in world at flesh  these experience not
catch up  with so as one with body than middle in horizon not can get
determinative researching the eye is an internal body direct dependencies create a configuration
aesthetic pattern of indirect particles which themselves are similar by distinct autonomies these
transformed processes affect the intellectual identities between mystizierung and intentions is a
proven stress the purpose of this generic one forth of some views of that unit from dominativ of the
ratio envelop without contrasts these conscious braids from understood, including the new purpose,
the ratio shown by applications of organic being predicates called synsomatien the torn body of a
contradicting opinion these circumstances of influence rational instinct to follow links to the built
would hypothesis - known taken probability the different relationships to the scan judge present
constant doubled negation of the superficial description metals on the field turn their ears to the
move of incalculable break the field other the present own infinity has in taking possession
immediate essentially abstract rational the alignment of - the exterminated claims with meat of truth
reflex body of the willing show the surface pattern of wanting a resultats the illusion of detail that
makes returning to a form of understanding of this potential imperfect relationships reflected a
distinction the same time unequal share retreats are being driven as desire - negation and polemics
about the vibrant freedom of propagation of an abstract set the views of a substance become the
absolute making of the ego, the one indivisible interplay act of doing the opposite differentiates the
meanings understood from develop an idea of the reversal of the creative processes themselves do
not recognize to the circles traversed by a line on the surface of this particular peripheral is used to
the view itself thrown back into the certainty of those relationships to express and share the
previous allocation of that uneven substrate predicates the object of a possible truth of these
explanations seems the forces resulting envelope of the object, these scientific distinctions of the
understanding one has the intention of the whole resulting opinion no differences in themselves the
divided space - time continuum from an indifferent form this conceptual part of this experience
summary tear the mathematical-philosophical matters in the existing standards, the lifting force of
the absences to the same absolute distinctions of the elements of a self-movement of
direct equivalence of ignorance the same color of rawness of convinced convictions which formed
imagination shows the purpose of a random throughout the use of theories in formalism -
subdivisions form  take - conclusions and decrypt the agent as a substrate bite of objectification
hydrophobic body full of devotion is up in space and determined to look at the relationships these
testify to the spherical expansion domination is getting the best talent structural repulsive
misunderstood outside world submit their added circumstances of the operations of life a normal
person held under infinite levels slashes in the naked reality that replace pay hips of the lack of
partial representations indispensable the tools of the imagination the proper object of real
knowledge the higher even a basic determined from oxygen chemical substances, the existence
millions of moments in the mirror an easement of the separate heads of the threads causes endure a
puppet, as it in drive the causalities of a grotesque who form a bear doll world itself reproduction
sweat and blood one aspect of the ideas drawn filaments prejudices of pushing back the rings of the
knot wound without doubt, the open revenge driven machines pay thought of linked bodies
physiognomic fortresses of letters passing through objects detect think the sluggish world of the
illustrated burns in get worn out bodies state the and intentions makes temporary antagonistic
overcoming strategies unwillingness of the to the excitation drowned in the brain similarity is based
on elimination of hire correlations to respect what is said said one idea of capped phenomena of the
liberation of the genus designed cards to be essential in the experienced world to the purpose
muzzle one distributes the food distorted the resultat chewed modified hunting a satisfied nerve
mass the actions of the brain show the strictly determined regulation in the angle of the existing
relationships upper jaw of a congenital tangential force is itself a differentiated community omens
applications demonstrations of bodies a final cause phenomena of a conviction for purposes of the
hidden properties of the better

21th century oblique short drawn milled opportunities to pack the glass of the bags a newly created
key bag is a village more than the fate of autumn surprises what is happiness ? - perhaps a one sheet
paper grotesque fractal shape face on the sofa  the frost caught like epigrams imaginary surround
attract yellow - violet my body a château rises above my main in the park sticks allee I blocked the
emerging sits fog my view of a crow in this curious time ast words on a bizarre need a small
application swallowed transmission breaks a lint defined on a link describes a whole bunch of malaise
are all seeking the aristocratic society in reasonable compliance J.S. Bach plays oratorio about a 
"woman with erotic thoughts" redhead with full lips that quivered in front of a floral - lapse
strange home - a cold buffet are no new events were linked to the rhythm of the same stove the
night air without embarrassment remember my asking steps looking streets in the quiet after the me
yet on a journey thought endless chatting in front of me on a spiral staircase > hello woman
funneling <
she laughed loudly and said: > Is not your pants too short ? I answered yes because why ? maybe a
little ? oh, you ! the happy excitement swallowed the phrases ...
the high boots you wear I like very well. have to go > I now you said ! > wait yet < -I said to you < !
come with me yet  you still feel like N0.17 on a glass of champagne  you said ok that I do I feel like it
after about an hour she took her bag and walked uneasily with trembling lips restlessly to door > ciao
heard  I whisper ... it sounded like a plaintive tone before an open bed a cigarette she swung
between the index finger
opened the window took radio noise was theater or similar > swayed that distance in a tree linger just a second there if that succeeds the braces on the body weight just before the cut ... that the
moonlight was silent > quickly extremely they took out the leather whip  refused earlier this
economically nor the table leg > incomparable restrained her smile  her thighs touched the folds of
the buttoned - thinking ... the feel we must leave to the rich people ...
a new enthusiasm fragrant flowers and cherry - wood furniture spend time with full enjoyment the
spiritual the words unreality ( =  ideality )
with outstretched steps to address the needs that are more important than "over - knee" patent
boots all just one detail - question ...

A true story transparency energy until recall quit innocently issue meet from false impression yet
again it is strange and one true  they each want to have something different  use eager for you to do
it  be one for knowledge but not collaborate with submission unfinished not yet term of a sum 
whose investment contribute action involve between rooms in the public the today´s refusal let us
playing with our intellect as bad look nothing than a pushing into the head the air is pure the
human being not belong it’s a town and the state we was never in the good society the whole was
an invention of a courier between analytic combinatorics and imagenation  the imperative has taken 
the shortcut > stinging words catchwords suggestions of dominance < the decomposition and
resolution in the inner transforms the promises of tomorrow mediated visual  reality a change
in the situation room of a doubling illusion the world to reverse the relative experience of the different
coder appears new graphical encrypted direct dyeings substrate weathered structures on orders of
reference models underlying syntactic  subject - object predicate  the unconscious formulated an
impenetrable unit is trying to express something of the everyday articulation is the function of
consciousness as the legitimacy to be is merely a reflection of experimental criticism and mediated
experience within the origins of an instance like the imagenation pre - amplifier directed her to an
unbreakable colouring stitch work

coat voting sirens of the earth so hard your last chance  just one piece : the hill a short mountain 
wind blowing gently begin to creep tearful night to night fall you stopped me in the dark to think
that the tree as far from the snow banks I see a blooming flower in your hair smoke  feelings in a
letter teach me weigh myself if the truth can find no answer will never be the same – or is it ? 
someone has to hand in my heart what my destiny is hopeful  and longing thou hast changed my life summertime in the garden of people and things is a long time tomorrow I know who I was and
who I am what hast thou my eye when the sun rises the roses are blue in the groove the late
stages a bicycle bell rings at the edge of the grates of the winter time of the memory is full of life but
lonely forests of the day frame of heart keep kissing your hands felt on my skin look after strangely
noble changing the youth on the track all the talk of the rich as the wings alone laborious face
buried in the noise of the time the green full arc silent on windows does not this the big wide world?
myths and purple loneliness of night winds swaying life hands to me : divided into circles quadratic 
louder next day tired life long fly listen : think with the part of silver hair pushes me into the
shadowy glow of your country many times the thousand days traveling to the despairing flowers 
the breathless stick of desire grazing loss of the generation of a cultural form of the provisional
shaping contemporary successor time in jumping in the water tower incompatible worlds of the
oscillating assembly – the only body tense red knee socks in the dark a voice listen to me feather
the blades in the yellow  jacket sitting a masked bitch next  to me toccata e minor keys the carrier
is a world of turmoil

elegie rich roses hours by loud incessantly once they do not fill our stay saying thirsty dimensions
explain the world do you know the bread luck ? slaves wheel in contrast to the stone grows no
continually holograms come spring  the character playing horns are emptied ornaments pure white
surface of the familiar reality froze on the same anywhere a smile > where is the recovery – a rate
of sighs ? < jerking leaves it as a sign of too terrible to unknown hieroglyphic hand the last key of
the gifted and one can feel the dream startled into book pages from the single crystal in the district
rose in the prisoner be returned heraldic the time a foreign

time diagnosis - market economy:  there is the equation growth = wealth ? - put it to ask this many
but probably the most significant might be: what does the future of the wealth in a society of which
can no longer rely on automatic growth is - at all even a will ?
what causes growth to plant for the natural - - animals – people ?
impacts that result, to an end when the resouces go ?
growth is a challenge - a chance for a fundamental new understanding of personal happiness - and a
future - essentially enabled community ?
it is necessary to understand that today's growth must be reconsidered ? - the value-oriented
cultural pessimism leads to an exhausted society ?
how will all the philosophical ramifications of growth realized by the present condition as a ground confrontation of the western market from ?
why create poverty-vehicle - the poverty key to this is personal income monetary working capital that
is dependent on  external influences of industry and infrastructure less personal environment of the affected  (...)
The state may take in a democracy effect, censoring of books and media products i.e. the sale and
direct control - as well as artists access to free cultural exhibition ?
A democracy is the respect of fundamental rights ahead of this especially applies to the speech - and freedom of press as well as for the recipient-freedom, i.e. it is considered a democracy - the criterion of free access to all information relevant to the decision.
In addition, political rights - and civil liberties and more …

predicate logic : split reflection standpoint cut of point of view starting position that capital –
reason as the reality not other is than decision
sentimental continuity in the cherry the complexity of a surreal drama near the collapsed world
order subconscious does not show affection alienation are there other reasons focus with uncertain ?
many dialogues capture the detailed accuracy no wonder rare presence tombs - in agony immortal
episodes by the circular motion centrifugal force on essential financial high point in the socio -
economic tension in the classical heroic meaningless flee fled the dance before the sunrise signals to
understand the functional status determination questioning an error
quotient of metal solidified engine howls like falling flowers and ripe apples the sloping red pants

fox awake in encountered meatless occupied almost the auto - bus basically a comparative
in the long green grass straws to air the noise has the faces in the left angle's for a short time turn to
whom ? looked through the keyhole of the light of a candle apparently interrupted the scent of the
pancake undoubtedly beside a silver clock what is there for the amenities are priceless food hollow
hands do not offer joy snow crystals give the chin front of the mirror struck the forefinger against the
wall > hm !  said : - it is worse to come > to forgive < where is the dancer who can still move freely ?
the only ones that have the courage  the gods a panacea from the medieval traditions of the
inquisition  the problem of the manager > the earth revolves around the sun is still < inner blank and

they take almost the balance of things a blooming jasmine stone skeletons somehow secretly left
slowly on spoiled window space of all primitive forms an inexhaustible revenues the sum is a
synthesis of fractals
action field here freedom cavort all structures of love - hate and resentment > is the idea of freedom
an illusion < ? what purpose has the freedom when it is opposed by the ideologies of conservative
virtue watchmen ? problems which arise from the forefinger sexist ? In the countries professing
people must be allowed to ask this right ? ! in what world do we live where through restriction one
personal freedom and free relocation willing to make to work out the benefit of the dimension of
repression does not decide on the question of freedom! or do you ? are all of the artists reflect the
current problems of contemporary society - to analyze state foes ? if so then why is there open a
civilized society ?

work-part series a theme: complexity congruence of our work to try to discover the people who
understand what it represents intersubjective - intercommunicative mediated manifestations other
objects ? e.g. faceless - untouched - the different kind of alienated or positve emerged determine
what to do or what his ethno-anthropological view of fields ? generalized his life determined by
others or acts of participating due to his observation methods manageable holistic life-forms and
creative forms of self-published
we understand our work as a peace mission and conflict-resolution model the collective subject with
life inhomogeneous tactical and strategic-masked - dynamic - and erotic self-reflective processes
afflicted crystalline structures must be dissolved - I Don’t Really Think About Anything Too Much - should linkages be solved by extensions of already developed on processes at a supplement of new syntheses in the identity question to find social forms - knowledge structure - cultural models incumbent by censorship action receive state supervisory body shortcuts collective differentiate regulations coordinate awareness and focus to this conservative we need different kinds of abstract discourse models to turn from it to gain new phenomenological approaches reflective cross - cultural variability of the already existing
archaeological prepare things from a different object by virtue of imagination and kontroll positions
between subject - intermediate growths of strangeness be transparent traditional stubborn
fragments of conquests of the colonial domination are each down to zero instilled false transformed
think - and behavior patterns through complex observational interest in new sensory structures
romantic masked violent domination and political will ask dogma filled with komplimentär models
with resulting new it to better social skills of the hopes of human as long as he lives

the time flies past us busy with art content-based shortcuts from their existing information and
random change that would behave as you whisper to someone afferent crystalline models unfold
and resolve from the individual to the general function of a change between induction and deduction
distortion mirrors for missionaries standing of such-cut thigh-knockers higher essentially be grind a
black triangle in a darkroom of inspirations there to show the current carpet patterns sore a clever
way between and sausage-eaters, the abstract packing is seemingly simple yet complex as the most
requested to be ridiculed mercilessly a seemingly controlled rage us the delivered witch sabbat
intimidation with a-be the images selected finish is what we forget the cultural instance is suspended
from the efforts of the will disappear stateness assumed manners one to life end bad sign paper
comic-figures are yet it seems toxins for stubborn reactionaries a raised will be placed on the light so
melting is destabilizing the future of a lustful modern democracy is determined by chance only comes once the freedom then look if it works great one never knows

be reversed to give an experimental production experiences modifying the design concepts within
single detail dominant theories of the multiplicity of closed multiple repetitions of earlier contents
for final shape already self - correction methodology can be time - related accuracy limits all reflexive
hermeneutic theses to a common opinion is moving existent breath movements already show
reinterpretation in size shape - location and expansion of the regular polygonal platonic body
consisting of the basic elements of these isosceles triangles are subject to the perception of even the
most basic principles of a unified body of this divisibility does nothing of the fact different masses
however is changing the dynamic forces within the continuum of cognition teach the trains the time
justified based on empirical experience postulate of probabilities defined definitions are set out on a
objectivity - paradox decisions of completeness is therefore an equivalence of indeterminism
deductions mark a new theory of knowledge ? implicative logic contrast various forms of distributive
associations interpreted to show the structure - theorem thermodynamic parameters of the entropic
maximum value within a structured resolution of conversion and recurrence in the vicious circle - like
simultaneity in cognition permutative transformed respect of the material distribution system is the
question for a long time before a solution of the world´s models of > what intervention has the
chromomer know with the phenomenological know ? <
which bring changes in mass and density of videos, ask the computer screen is a flat
shape of the rooms, a stage of digital ?
technology is creativity - creativity technology ? Is the technology transfer a recycling
- a strategy for the creativity or vice versa ?
what does art in a neoliberal society - or the art is already neoliberal ?

cross connection at the moment

turn about know the rule

twelve corner one science

shout the cricket every night

what is when ?

what would be without other ?

- satire short novel /extract -                             page 0,9

Genuin Modernus Neoterici : The stripes are moving in the present time remains the nominated
silence the noise "all you can see - see what you want ?" - Ghost verbs in pajamas code puzzle in the
literature to understand and implement them in virulent transformations. All News evaluative
knowledge of the children - the development unwrap from developments. Things are the descriptive
formula avant-garde icon in the form of discount houses - words, that is the end of an enchanted world ?
Gourmands The repertoire on a sidewalk are, there the sky axes of the observatory, where is
the autonomous dignity - no one returns to one nummernlose series. An early visit will be an after dawn.
The summary of directional portable radio - the track "Where are the twelve stones of the fairies" is hammered through the boxes. The graduates of "scrambled eggs" - and spinach, they run as a shadow
of concave paraboloid. Meetings of subordinate clauses on the catwalk, no one pays attention to the sharp boredom. The punks want to turn the page with the double-bass - stay where you are, where is it,
when I know that? - Perhaps in a peep show in the country ... The solution with two puzzles, broken
folding chairs in a dialectical Nope, because sandals are all alone on a bare wooden floor. Tap into it -
a quantum leap in the WHY NOT ? A super real thriller "black umbrella" ventilating underground in
fragments, with the flower stalk in the labyrinth of the piano rooms. A distilled Radix flickers on the love -
see Venus, the submarine violet the ghosts of Canterville, in between seven worxbyte "where need of
the ideal" digital boundaries. "Plautus and Terence discuss" in a corner on the sense and nonsense.

performance video projection YouTube Play GUGGENHEIM NY BIENNIAL 2010

exposé for our film HEADPHONE Global Carrier itself be accelerated which - the licensed limits or
differences? from the all-reflective selflessness different particularities of constellations and ideas
outlined and problems abrupt sketchy connected out of differentiated worked out of a certain
substance of detached observation and selflessness that chance of the necessary form prepared a
webdesign from freedom and forced our own to be viable for legitimate cultural pedagogy a goal
resulted from different approaches an aesthetic operation of the game must first be cultivated in
relation to the key prerequisite compensatory individuation, this form of expansion required a
Sensitization of the perception the media-indicates understanding of the subjective in its function as
a living or premises of not already experiences these conditions piecemeal in a society which
partakes determine in his concept of goals this formulated conclusions of a mediation media
pedagogical arguments distinguishes the individual socialization theoretically approach interactive in
correlative considerations and capabilities to all of these occasions one production schema, the
empowerment of the subject are subject to apart translation existing in the present standards are
aspects in the objective deliberately Lichen as a social context of the identification of potential apart
reaction with the more detailed exercise to know the seemingly secure is the result of expansion and
conceptual - social reality as a productive form of experienced phenomena different dimensions
differ by international borders and intertwined communicative content differences blurred than
subjective hermeneutic analytical processes that are imperative measures by expanding current
restructuring in the global outbreak of the experienced mixed bases the socialization experience
invites questions and answers temporary and concentrated perceived the opposite seeming to
reality within social - political - aesthetic educational cultural domination leads and plan ahead for
educational prefabricated in the educational power vacuum is from these daily cohesion to step out
to the ultimate self is from this critical condemnation of the experienced effects - and narrow-
minded views, new indention of the presence of spontaneity rand reviews not predictable - to get
fault lines of this newly structured nominated identity, the other - new a new one to light control
critical translations deal with abstraction point processes are the space of the similarities of our
objective overcoming an already solid idea from the social randomly and the new information
contained alienation patterns and developments which to ask behind this process in a motion put
and out of the everyday experiences new practice fields of the expressive to the importance of the
new do it is to even make the world and form capture this decoding of the shape of the dynamic
interactions contradictions transformation mechanisms within new features are these points of
intersection of the critical reflection which we determined implication models of our game to show
us only the technical medial unsigned aesthetic solid strategies that our autonomy of differential
screening and record these educational processes cling to an uncompromising freedom of expression
forms in some measure between two different existences located a paradox in the context of
relationships of the illusory self shows in the regressive compulsive act the opposition includes the
step out thinking content of solid and aesthetic experience is subject to an ongoing conversion
process can be overcome by the long-term perceived absolute cluster-term compaction effects
against claims and tense relationships come down to an opening in the difference in closed circuit
feedback lead to upheavals in the symbolization decide this field through movement and awareness
in the surveying of new process

Media Aesthetic Analysis , Film - CHIROPTERAN

the production of senses mixing of decentralization - fragmentation differentiation and pluralization
functional eye modification sequences act in everyday life as catalysts of everyday events realities
reality of all moments bring banalities multiply out family trees mnemosyne concatenation of a world
of content, violent formal fist - metaphor to show us the empty space in the subtle net present tense
> wish you were here <? these states assimillations dynamics of strange shows us this critical attitude
oscillated complementary resolutions interactive injured eye incompetent form a contradictory
developments in the brutal paradise > live up and confront the world with this < ! the navigation is a
prerequisite for a flexible world view this reflection other aesthetic forms of communication at your
other setting located simultatorischer a replace ability rest of it is the re - use of a stable related to
Information > What connection does design <? how do you break the anonymity in the user - age ?
we live in a utopia front ?

Social Philosophical Analysis: Identity, the capital of life, inseparably fused with the difference, new patterns of orientation, form the social development and its scope, the resulting respect, is the accumulated property rights, all patterns of relationships The relationship of the differences that keep our self and society together, this information is fixed, object-related perceptions, our memories, identity and difference, a key in the lived experience, give us a future for their magical powers.

sociological analysis of scientific philosophy: space versions determine the transformation formulas. Shifts of symmetries in the mirror ratios lead to hybrid levels. Different from the reflexive relationships to formal logic, the resulting values ​​of the abstract effect. In the center of the basic findings, nomograms are available for the functional cohesion. This is only a function if it can be linked with an unknown number. The chains produced feature revealed the basic argument. This dependence is a point of intersection, in the linear system of equations interchangeable.

The recognition process is subject to approval poetic. The need for hypothetical structures produced, what they mean. These are manifested in rhetorical disguises free compounds. The concentrated presence of groups of characters, is a form of knowledge construction. The interpreted this information relates to an intermediate world of abstract concepts. The traditional mythological ratios consist of spatial and temporal metaphors chronlogischen. These indestructible terminological language structures to express themselves on the mind and the synaesthetic impressions. The placement of these theoretical approaches is carried out of the physiological dynamics. Demons and gods from the unconscious struggle against rational positions.

Information is a molecular biology of life implementation, ambiguous from different system levels. Our real disordered - medial dimensions are sorted by the consciousness. The information system is subject to a complex orientation.
psychoanalytic session: autosuggestion influence soon but maybe a thrill. Subject to the movement of an idea? Revaluation of the optimal transmission probabilities of circulative terms? Time manipulation is assumed to thinking. Ha ha ha second argument is that? transcoding, encoding, how does the consumer to the amount of data?

scientific philosophical sociological analysis: the separation of the whole, an immediate unity of the idea. The monitoring of identity, a sense of purpose - control. An empty space has the smallest parts of things. In summary, the existence of the given. The difference is the humanist argument within this semantic aspects. The decision is subject revealed a number theory.
pulsing signals, poly semantic interaction. A different subject-centered redistribution of affective logical interpretations. The selected reference points formalized aesthetic complex formalizability transmits the availability zirkulativer efficiency. The repetition pattern as experience shows, the various sensory units. The idea formed in the center of the self-understanding, and between extero interoceptischen criteria. Through this system-theoretical sense, reflects the deferred input - function and its meta-analyzed. Similarly, increasing the momentum in the novel by intrapsychic experiences, both in the modified filtered past, as well as in the possessive relationships of information right now.

mathematical analytical model theory: The theorem of Pythagoras, is dissolved by the law of cosines. Axioms sytem, so-called theories are formulated model, also a derivative that will be taken by theorems. That approaches, interpretations are so-called modeling. The smallest function of a property is the constant. The consistency corresponds to the logical necessity. The amount of information is measured by the number string. Each computability theory has a complex function. From a set of rules, transformation rules are derived. The signifier of the first order will be passed on to the second subheading.

scientific musical analysis: volume models modeling a number contraction coefficien temporal variables. Stochastic theory of Poisson interference pay, subject to the randomness in the conditions for a function, a property. Which density is equivalent mass divided by volume fraction. That resonance results from the excitation of vibrations. The encoded fragmentary theory approaches result from the wave parameters of a basic function. Who state spaces are infinite transurente constants. Kinematic condensations rates are subject to a momentum equation. Bernoulli's equation, energy equation. The cluster energy is distributed over all frequencies. These sound patterns are overlaid sound effects. The data compression, coding algorithms are subject to a so-called masked threshold time. These psychoacoustic models are frequency selection systems, and modeling of multi-simulative effect of interaction, given in the space syntheses.

Mathematics - Physics Analysis: Simulative Modellings, amount of data a parameter combination, through a variety of different systems. Affect - effects within the simulation equations are differential equations. The significance of variables shown by the coefficients of the third rotation disappear in the pendulum. Model equations have always been a state variable. The effectiveness of the encoding parameters evidenced by their complex signals. Whose phase is subject to a certain point in the period of time. The perception and irritation of the frequencies depends on the subjective judgment. The experiential integierte information density or stimulus, the temporal pattern, spatial characteristics and the cognitive signal processing function.

scientific analysis of music: The musical based projection, on the temporal spatial parameters. The experiential dimension of sound are represented by power laws. The complex spectra are analyzed by the methods of physics and information theory, and so exposed the experimental elements isolated. The sound material has an autonomous center. The resulting developed perception results from the presence of density. The reproducibility of the functional representation of the tangible existence. The projection of the time, the reversibility of the spatial. The result of the assembled fragments, is the amount of information. This is depending on the location of phonation and cognitive abilities.
scientific information theory: A systematic generator matrices are invariant with overlapping information sets. These shifts are tied to the absolute threshold - saturation and growth rate. The perception depends on the focused attention and motivation, as well as the current state of knowledge. Complexity means the real cut in order to expand the imagination. At the basic skills of language, cognition within the laws of the arrangement, the perception is tied to the aesthetics. The situational power transmission, a signal amount is thus subjected to a holistic theory. The psycho-physical conditions thus play in the transmission of information, an important role.

Scientific Information-theoretic approaches combine aspects of differential psychology, isolated provisions, in expanded form. The usefulness of the code are dependent on the reception level. Every moment provides sensations that are in the cultural chains of the past, evaluated psychologically. The different stimuli activate the sensory mechanism, a conditioned reflex. This variable structure within the psycho-physical system, is a time-bound synaptic function. The shape structure of the signal transmission occurs through increased selective complex patterns, so-called information rate. The model theories are observed to develop new counter-strategies. Polymeric body scattering data, a sociological shift in the square inch, as denatured attempt within the generative aesthetic factors.

synaesthetic scientific analysis: operational transformational patterns of perception are subject to a specific control loop. The information reception - processing and storage, is bound to multiplicative learning areas. The situation of psychology is a subject - object oriented synaesthetic simulative sample. The important parameters here neuropsychological block codes, combined with the presence of density and time intervals. They decide differential prospects, the function signal. The numerical aesthetics, makes use of the abstract concept models. For this level of complexity of these semiotic - semantic - generative aesthetics, creating a methodological process that selectively within the index.

scientific physics - music aesthetics: the concentration of the stimuli is the sum of the elements of perception. Complex patterns of perception, serve as a training session for possible solutions, in the cognitive domain. The intellectual structures are enhanced by aleatory character. The microstructures of the sound are indicated by the Spectroscopic sampling theory. Superimposed periodic operations, result in a delay effect due to a phase shift of the respective sine waves. This can lead to an amplitude spectrum, as can be superimposed on each partial oscillation. The amplitude of oscillation is dependent on the frequency. The integration of the oscillation is dependent on the partial oscillations. The sound structures must be experimentally functional. The temporal portion is bound to the sampling theory. From the function of time is calculated as the sum of the specific function . By the Fourier coefficients, one can see the respective strengths in the sinusoids.

Stochastic Science: From a random number generator that determines a random number. From this is created by the addition of constants, a position number. From this figure are derived from logical memory operand, logical constants, binary numbers, subjects and predicates. These are used for elementary geometric statements. Memory cells open up a random predicate logic and logical constants. From these statements, in turn, other terms are derived. Probability reduction occurs by the formation of extended correlation ziffern.So, the particular subjects to be raised with the relevant predicates, the mathematical probability of reducing a signified. The neurophysiological average, an information recording is a maximum of between 10 - 20 bits.

Aesthetic Analysis - art performance-part I,Title :The battle within a data destination. A head shakes her head.
Is this an organized compliance on alien ground. Connected looks back of the head - used the coated secretions whose movable lumps look through the view, the contemplative life forms.
Is this proof of a stranger wanted from this?
What do you want me to say? Steps of the expansion or a shift of one angle. Repetition of arguments, already legalized collective statements. Should the community falls within the individual's permit at all? Is the head of the individual, an already deceased head of the overall development if the community falls crushes the individual? Awakening, borne in quiet moments, who created the programs created, if anything created and controlled. Dress requirements create the so-called apparent domestic violence structures? Why have government bodies, so afraid of another consciousness? With a different position of thinking, the edge shows in the middle of the square. At the edge there is the head of the simulated penetrating intuition. Deemed not necessary to the consideration of the other, in spite of the observation, it is the sacred assembly. Paradox of the objections that I have given any specific information.                         
Analyse Esthétique, partie  I - Titre: La bataille dans une destination de données.
Une tête hoche la tête.
Est-ce une observation organisée sur le sol étranger.Connecté regarde en arrière de la tête - ont utilisé les sécrétions enrobés dont mobile grumeaux regarder à travers le point de vue, les formes de vie contemplative.
Est-ce la preuve d'un étranger voulait de tout cela?
Que voulez-vous que je dise? Étapes de l'expansion ou un décalage d'un angle. Répétition d'arguments, déjà légalisé déclarations collectives.Si la communauté tombe dans l'autorisation de la personne du tout? Est à la tête de l'individu, une tête déjà décédé du développement global en cas de chute communauté écrase l'individu? Awakening, porté dans des moments calmes, qui a créé les programmes créés, si quoi que ce soit créée et contrôlée. Appelé lourds vêtements exigences quintal, créé par apparentes des structures de violence conjugale?  Pourquoi les organismes gouvernementaux, tellement peur d'une autre conscience? Avec une position différente de penser, au bord montre au milieu de la place. Au bord est à la tête, l'intuition pénétrante simulée. Présomption pas nécessaire à l'examen de l'autre, en dépit de l'observation qu'il est d'une assemblée religieuse? Objections Paradox, ce qui - je n'ai pas précisé? 

Aesthetic Analysis - art performance-part II, Title: The battle within a data destination. A head shakes her head. All things are orders. Well, we need a new consciousness?  Input - Output, Output - Input,  then we might speculate a little... , Knowing You can not interfere with the teaching. It sounds from the middle, side to side, a derived Eros perhaps? -  one can reject the learned?  Can we stabilize ourselves, by the ecstasy?  You can reject everything, but no authority? !  A union without contact. Is the sleep where to recover our physical?  All unite, without touching each other. Is that a body for all?  Many thoughts crossed, this is a joke, no. We have remained all the animals?  The heads continue to grow, it's a statement. You should always be kind, a strange doll wrapped around my legs. Two thin slats, with thick heels, the sleep of the contact, the magic of sex, you come slowly, very slowly. he's gone but free, or should we run away from life? A project distrained, mortgaged shadow - theater consider the differentiated items. Vital, mutual watching, pointing, now finally no limits, life is closer. Are you coming to smile. Analyse Esthétique - art de la performance, Partie II, Titre: La bataille dans une destination de données. Une tête hoche la tête. Toutes choses sont des ordres. Eh bien, nous avons besoin d'une nouvelle conscience?  Entrées - sorties, sortie - entrée, alors nous pourrions spéculer un peu ... , Sachant que vous pouvez ne pas interférer avec l'enseignement. Il semble partir du milieu, côte à côte, un dérivé Eros peut-être? on peut rejeter l'a appris?  Pouvons-nous nous stabiliser, par l'extase? . Vous pouvez refuser tout, mais pas d'autorité? !  Une union sans contact. Le sommeil où récupérer notre physique?  Toutes les unir, sans toucher à l'autre. Est-ce un organisme pour tous? Beaucoup de pensées. Franchie, c'est une blague, non. Nous sommes restés tous les animaux?  Les têtes continuent de croître, c'est une déclaration. Vous devez toujours être gentil, une poupée étrange enroulé autour de mes jambes. Deux lames minces, avec des talons épais, le sommeil du contact, la magie du sexe, tu viens lentement, très lentement. il est parti, mais libre, ou devrions-nous fuir la vie? Un projet saisis, ombre hypothéqué - théâtre examiner les points différenciés.Vital, l'observation mutuelle, pointage, enfin pas de limites, la vie est plus proche. Vous venez de sourire.

Aesthetic Analysis - art performance-part III, Title:The battle within a data destination. A head shakes her head. Do you go with me, or I'll go to you. Hierarchical body trying to find by the laughter of the other person the center. The lateral edge down, is connected to the mold and the stimulus deal. Shall we increase the laughter, proportional to the edge?  When you arrived at the center, I want to kiss you on the mouth! Who will control dise intention?  The birds are singing and the fish swim. Man wants to talk and be creative. What is culture? May we in this life, order our own field itself, or be prescribed for us the fruits? Subject to this mechanism, the political calculus of power? Earth - Fire - Water - Air are not in any regular series This expression produces bright eyes when everything is supposed to be bad, what will cause the free will then..? Others want us to impose their power. Has someone tricked us here?  Concealed illuminated mirror windows look on moving body. Sponges of questions and answers show us the sum of the hierarchies. The creeping closer contacts are fully grown. Spies of fortune show you new exercises. Conditional life limits, increase the margin. Analyse Esthétique - art de la performance, Partie III, Titre: La bataille dans une destination de données. Une tête hoche la tête. Avez-vous venir avec moi, ou je vais à toi. Corps hiérarchique essayer de trouver par le rire de l'autre personne au centre. Le bord latéral vers le bas, est raccordé au moule et l'opération de relance. Shall on augmente le rire, proportionnelle à la bordure?  Lorsque vous êtes arrivé au centre, je veux vous embrasser sur la bouche! Qui contrôlera l'intention dise?  Les oiseaux chantent et les poissons nager. L'homme veut parler et d'être créatif. Qu'est-ce que la culture? Puissions-nous dans cette vie, commander notre propre champ lui-même, ou être prescrit pour nous les fruits?  Sous réserve de ce mécanisme, le calcul du pouvoir politique? Terre - Feu - Eau - Air ne sont en aucune série régulière Cette expression donne les yeux brillants quand tout est censé être mauvais, ce qui va provoquer le libre arbitre alors ..? D'autres veulent nous imposer leur pouvoir. Est-ce que quelqu'un nous a trompés ici? Dissimulé illuminé fenêtres miroir regarde sur le déplacement du corps. Éponges de questions et de réponses nous montrent la somme des hiérarchies. Les contacts étroits reptiles sont complètement développés. Spies de la fortune vous montrer de nouveaux exercices. Limites de la vie conditionnelles, augmenter la marge.  
Aesthetic Analysis - art performance-part IV, Title:The battle within a data destination. ZMON Vital; FXKV life issues, into the living bunkers; YOUNO The Infinite Thinking Machine, within streams, and data processing. Consider OFF limits, as unemotional risk! The Pantomime center, consists of playing metaphors foreign borders, within a center. Is the perfection of the excitation pattern in the future? Segments of land, conditions of faces; provided locomotion experiments of sperm, surrounded by instincts and impressions. The sequence of intellectual shock troops, based on questions and answers, a subject-oriented decision. Our existence is a priori, in an impossible Enlightenment?  NOTHING IS EVERYTHING WHEN LOVE IS MISSING! THE MOUTH, AND CONNECTS YES NO. Have proliferative tongues validity, based within the difference, a real mess?  What causes the Object out of joy, out of contemplative observation? The complex world of image splits into a complex control system! Feeling regulations promote the suggestive developments. Stimulus - response patterns are conducive to conscious view. The generative plug-in modules are subject to transformation processes. Product Manager of the illuminated reality, be a traitor of the plant - specific properties, the tongue stuck already ... Analyse Esthétique - art de la performance, Partie IV, Titre: La bataille dans une destination de données. ZMON Vital; problèmes de la vie FXKV, dans les soutes de vie; YOUNO la machine pensante infini, dans les ruisseaux, et le traitement des données. Considérez OFF limites, car le risque émotion! Le centre Pantomime, consiste à jouer métaphores frontières étrangers, dans un centre. Est la perfection de la configuration d'excitation dans l'avenir? Segments de terre, les conditions de visages, à condition expériences de locomotion de sperme, entouré par des instincts et des impressions. La séquence des troupes de choc intellectuelle, basé sur des questions et des réponses, une décision orientée vers le sujet. Notre existence est a priori impossible dans un siècle des Lumières? Rien est tout QUAND L'AMOUR EST ABSENT!  LA BOUCHE, ET OUI NON CONNECTE. Avez-proliférative validité langues, basée dans la différence, un vrai bordel? Quelles sont les causes de l'observation Objektivisierung de joie, de contemplation? Le monde complexe de l'image se divise en un système complexe de contrôle! Réglementation Sentiment de promouvoir les développements suggestifs. Relance - les schémas de réponse sont propices à la vision consciente. Le générateur plug-in modules sont soumis à des processus de transformation. Chef de Produit de la réalité éclairé, comme un traître de la plante - propriétés spécifiques, la langue collée déjà ...   

art - Performance - part V : The futile thinkers try to fly. The invented is reflected in an old tin can. This is still stuck in my head. The railways, between your legs had no system. Sampled points out, dressed glamorously a medallion. A large clock has been watching us. Tailors' headlamps, designed silicone breasts. You smiled at me and I did everything visible and module profiled the breasts. Shortened the spaces between the legs. The flowers on your head, what a coincidence. The scene of the species marked contrasts. The unconscious exceeds a statement. Differences in the tissue, a final rejection of the difference. Postponed thought to denote an impossibility, given that at the time. History has no authority, it is unlimited. Key factors are interpretations, an attempt to sense, to move a label. Refusal of importance splits, the concept and character. Repetition means an exclusion of function. The distinction, a condition is a possible argument. The asymmetry of dissipation processes gives us the expression of figuration. art Performance - Partie V : Les penseurs futiles essayer de voler. Le inventé se traduit par une vieille boîte de conserve. Ceci est encore coincé dans ma tête. Les chemins de fer, entre vos jambes n'avaient pas de système. Points échantillonnés sur, habillé d'un médaillon glamour. Une grande horloge a été nous regarde. Tailleurs phares, les seins en silicone conçus. Vous me sourit et je l'ai fait toute chose visible et le module de profilés les seins. Raccourcir les espaces entre les jambes. Les fleurs sur la tête, quelle coïncidence. La scène des espèces marquées contrastes. L'inconscient dépasse un communiqué. Différences dans le tissu, un rejet définitif de la différence. Reporté pensé pour désigner une impossibilité, étant donné qu'à l'époque. Histoire n'a pas le pouvoir, il est illimité. Les facteurs clés sont les interprétations, une tentative de sens, pour déplacer une étiquette. Refus d'une importance divise, le concept de répétition et de caractère. Signifie une exclusion de la fonction. La distinction, une condition est un argument possible. L'asymétrie des processus de dissipation nous donne l'expression de la figuration.


2004 pnp passau publishing house with jochen gerz – reader´s action over the time of six weeks artists the newspaper reader and philosopher, (series of Passau New Press People in Europe / MiE)

different  theme creative writing , for the daily (newspaper)
association annual exhibition from the town passau

2005 campaign media - you are germany – arrangement by pnp – readers action

to christo and jeanne - claude
exhibition topics ; - home with new age seeing –

broadcasting  bavarian two - radio program ,topics ; - respect - cultural !
social focus / interaction process numb live pattern
dismantle/ antagonism connected produce artists association ;

bbk-lower bavarian global contest - artists professional addiction ,
palace – exhibit new castle / INN artists association annual exhibition ,
from the town passau

2006 artists association annual exhibition from the town viechtach and passau
2007 get down to work , publication- books series ,-the dignity given write direction
Biennial Florence / Italy   1 dec. - 9 dec., theme : " Dialogue between cultures "
visual artists ( participation )
slide performance painting; - 72 images , abstract expressionism -, neo - expressionism,
mixed media / collage shown with literature representation country - GERMANY

2008 wide hypermedia ( hypertext – multimedia ) production film/video ´s , books and photography magazine ( large size )

after them period activities in distinct towns  distribute from Art flying starts  as well as of various kinds sculpture  maker of art objects in immediate surroundings  at around those regio bring peace to  the obligatio to order lead  there that one itself make an enemy of someone  round this to disminish is it important  the appearance and reality at detach overlay thought are amputate  the suggest  from imagination encourage someone to do  such breacking change it is possible  the way of thinking  they hate us still more at its themselves children love  give it its power ?

in all find a playing with something someone take place playing where else ?  it force us the future in question to urges  sympolic sorting lead wounding  the to whom individual not self come up to  these pattern tie itself on a other symbolic  one automated strength structure  as by excort insignificance  be like structure resemble one another shape not entropy  this scan process border on the complexity as apperception mechanism qualitativ out in interest the power stand the information  redundany  the topical one structured divisibility contorted comprehensibility  the scan – proceedings as numb quantum are already

in approaches disturbed  it giving there to break and the dynamic cut off as different memory even to raise higher entropy  have not form

2009 Biennial Florence / Italy 5 dec. - 13 dec., theme : " Dialogue between cultures "
visual artists ( participation) , our video projections art, length 11 min.,title :
- monitoring system -, was among the top six short listed for the award
representation country - GERMANY

emergence of large – format printing

2010 application for the Film Festival Berlinale Berlin , contribution ; with two short
film - and a long film to be continued ; hypermedia production dvd´s

2010 International art project (online foundation) with LOGO / LINKS theme;
for peace and freedom , the networking of the world as a chance - who am I ?

International literature art - project 2010 (online foundation), text publications ,see our website
and youtube channel community, book title: @company inc.artts) protocol part IV,

International art - project 2010 (online foundation), film,video publications , youtube channel
community ,series N0.1 until N0.271 - moreover see our website, Film Category : New Media -
Installations ,"@OSCILLATION BAROQUE INC.continued ."

2010 Effetto Biennial Assisi - 3 / 11 July , theme : " Dialogue among civilizations "
visual artists ( participation ) our video projections art , length 21:27 min./sec.
title : - LLCY DISTORTION IN OUR LIFE - representation country - GERMANY / ITALY

2010 Biennial Play GUGGENHEIM NY , theme : creativity and technology project - online ,
content : not the here and now , but what is ? visual artists film - animation ( participation )
our video projection art, title : " HEADPHONE GLOBAL ACCELERATED CARRIER " ,
length : 9:46 min/sec.

International Music Art - Project 2010 (online foundation), scientific theory of music, Music Video -
Style: New Music, Experimental, Free & New jazz, classical composition, mix: noise, analog and
electronics,see our website and youtube channels community,theme:@cybernetics organon | ton ratio = number, copyright © 2009 - 2011, Artists de willem lloyd & cyem inc.guillaume

International art project 2010 (online foundation),sculptor, modeling, installation and
environment,see our website and youtube community,theme - LANDSCAPES:"@The Other of the
other Side | Unity and plurality,"copyright © 2009 - 2011 Artists de willem lloyd & cyem inc.guillaume all rights reserved

International art project 2010 (online foundation) drawings | paintings | cartoons, see our website and youtube channels community,"@structural skeleton, movement, shape and color ", is the form more than one invention, abstraction and representation - perceptual constancy as a central perception. copyright © 2009 - 2011 Artists de willem lloyd & cyem inc.guillaume All rights reserved

International art project 2010 (online foundation) Photos - interdisciplinary visual culture, visual semiotics literacy,structures of differentiation hermeneutic, use of contexts, as a visible strategy visualistics , see our website and youtube community,"@communication medium, transformation", copyright © 2009 -2011, Artists de willem lloyd & cyem inc.guillaume all rights reserved
The Facebook Biennale 2010.

2011 application for the Film Festival Berlinale Berlin , contribution ; with a short film
to be continued ; hypermedia production dvd´s

participation YouTube Symphony Orchestra 2011, original improvisation to new composition " Mothership " , soloist : de willem lloyd soloist : cyem inc.guillaume

International art project 2011, content, channels community youtube - and our website
(online foundation) dialogue between nations, subject: " Will we still respect each morning " ?
@OPEN DAY YOU SPEAK ! copyright © 2011 Artists de willem lloyd & cyem inc.guillaume all rights reserved

2011 Media Entrepreneurs, an initiative of Axel Springer AG - Berlin, for the implementation of business models around digital media. (Application - Participation)

2011 Florence Biennale Internazionale dell´Arte Contemporanea, 3rd to 11th December,
theme : the history, visual artists - ( participation ), our contribution , new media : large - scale work, title : Twelve worlds

International Art Project 2012 (online foundation), digit - characters - letters, semantics, semiotics, linguistics, functional applications, structure, variables, language and symbolism, mathematics and physics theory - see our website and community youtube, topic: @Transformation - logic, copyright © 2009 - 2012 Artists de willem lloyd & cyem inc.guillaume

International Art Project 2012, ( online foundation ) topic - 21st century : " brain research,
future and society ", @ Interactive Robotic Modeling, copyright © 2012 de willem lloyd & cyem inc.guillaume all rights reserved

prestigious Museo de la Ciudad de Merida, Mexico. Topic : " Dialogue among civilizations ", visual
artists ( participation) our video projections art, title : outside PTO 1134, length : 41:03 min./sec.
representation country - GERMANY

Participation in the International Architecture and Design Competition "Award Troldtekt 2012 -
Founding - Biennale Facebook | LLCY 2012.

Application - Participation - Les études sur,Session VIII (2012-2014) Institut des hautes études en arts plastiques (Iheap) ,Biennale de Paris

2013 Selected International art Biennial of the city of Palermo Italy ,from 10th January through
3rd February ,our contribution : Painting | Acrylic and computer art with twelve works of art,
size: Width: 32.9 cm Height 48.3 cm

2013 the new FLORENCE BIENNALE Ethics DNA of Art, Internazionale dell´Arte Contemporanea, 30th November to 8th December, in collaboration with the United Nations, as an official partner, under this program, theme: "Dialogue Among Civilizations" , visual artists ( participation ) our video projections art , length 01:52:35 hour/min./sec. ,title :" tachyon war noise" ,representation country - GERMANY / ITALY / France

Partecipazione - esposizione: Museo d’Arte Bellini aprirà le porte dal 7 al 14 Maggio 2013 alla mostra d’arte contemporanea dal titolo "Festival delle Belle Arti e della Cultura del XXI Secolo".

2013 Selezioni 10 ° Biennale Internazionale d'Arte di Roma, dal 22 al 29 Giugno presso
la GALLERIA SMART e le sale mostra del Comune di Fiorenzuola d’Arda, il nostro contributo,
il video : Avanguardia - nuova musica, titolo: percussion op.II , e il film sperimentale,
titolo: routing matrices

Founders, curators, artists of the online Biennale 2013 LLCY lloydguillaumegroup on Facebook. Thema: invisible - visible art in the 21st century. This online Biennale, we have established
on 12 July 2013.

scientific analysis of art: Media - Entrepreneur   Dynamic System Analysis of a model system: selective information density of a agitated objective assessment, process-oriented game theoretically cognition patterns, from modified targets, taking account of dominated strategies. Media Entrepreneurs in the context of macro-economic considerations. What are the theories - or the accepted models of these approaches - balance of factors between success and denial of entry differentiations. Internet economics and business model - innovation, creation and preservation of the company. Weighing the risk dynamics of the benefits - value added - profits. Can strategies, manufacturing to order (Build - to order), as well as outsourcing of supply chains, (Value Chain), in this overall approach - guaranteeing business plan, the necessary success?

Participation in 1st Italian Biennale of creativity from 12 to 16 February 2014 in the Palexpo Verona. Our performance: two short films (contemporary experimental) show.

Founding - Triennale Facebook | LLCY 2014

"Awarding of the International Prize Michelangelo - Artists at the Jubilee"
December 10th, 2015 at "Palazzo Cardinal Cesi" in Rome

Founding - Quadrennial Facebook | LLCY 2015

Founded "manifesto MMXV" Facebook | LLCY 2015

analogue Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) and Culture
as Master of Science (M.Sc.) and Culture

Founding - consumer Doku (Public group) Facebook | LLCY 2016


Haute cuisine - LLCY | founded on Facebook 2017
art and cultural heritage, simplicity and perfection


Member of the Social Democratic Party Germany - SPD | 2017

PABLO PICASSO - High Recognition to Personalities in the world of Art, Science
and Culture | 2018

ARTEMISIA GENTILESCHI 2019 - High Recognition to Personalities in the world of Art,
Science and Culture

Online Academy of Sciences, Arts | Educational marketing 2020

Media projects | literature | videos | computer science | art 2021

Media projects | videos | computer science | art 2022
Philosophical literary contributions on epistemology | communities

Discourse analyzes - sociology of knowledge 2023

computer graphics
mixed media