de willem lloyd & cyem inc. guillaume
installation art
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its progress all angry or mad

its  progress all  angry or mad

a ghost train in the ghetto

invisible barbed wire

distinguish pursuer by the pain

the greatest victory is to conquer oneself

how differed others are one – term

isomorph shift away   go it  !

defense network megafone

defense network megafone  stockings beer bottels bonzen wimps 
of old age can not  increase indefinitely !  Founded in real wages from experiences show great shape eye rings  face maske  the past is past  the future far away mentally they become calcified masses of people no longer free to come three hundred different wages to show us the unconditional happiness of things to know each other from living in the experiment with each other friction points condition descriptions tacks from a crumpled napkin holes befor a year chance to answer  charge chips decisions have drawn from the swamps illuminates the reviews of prejudice  the enlightenment promoted the end of a border control system oriented pamphlets instincts of anarchy
endless plastic bags hidden oligarchies by war – themed games staining in the brain go look at the summer your eyes to know the darkness trying to laugh  cry and love or is this  a hiding place of a broken heart ? survived grew to wake  up every day  a subject intransigence breathless  propaganda wood hammers the guards  many are ill  the few roots have been destroyed a repetition of the resistor there are diseases of the nerves have not bothered to show dwellers fear of the arrangement lie believe determines our be there false gods quarrel warlock with the freedom to torture thoughts  embedded in the masses of the humanities  the sincere sadness despised by flooding
de willem lloyd & cyem inc. guillaume
computer graphics
mixed media